Mattress Cleaning

We offer mattress cleaning and sanitisation. This is a deep clean, using the best all natural cleaning products to clean and sanatize your beds.

If you knew what was sleeping in the bed with you, inside the mattress, you would probably never sleep again. Let us Save you from these creatures in your bed! Vanquish them with a deep clean and sanitize, killing all bacteria and bed bugs. Regular cleaning of your bed will help you sleeping much better, especially people with a sensitive respiratory systems.

They are left damp and will need the day to air out and dry, best book this service for a morning time.

*subject to assessment - Prices shown are Excluding VAT
Single Bed R 300* R 200*
3 Quarter R 320* R 220*
Double Bed R 350* R 250*
Queen Bed R 380* R 280*
King Bed R 400* R 300*