Cistern Cubes

These cubes that you insert into the top of your toilet are just awesome. Not only is it bio friendly, it helps to break down sewage more effectively.

This has been proven to help prevent blockages in your sewage pipes and will save you money time and energy, keeping your ablutions clean and clear of blockages.

  • Cistern Blocks 100g - R 30 each

Urine Spray for toilets

We have these great little blue bottles that you can keep on top of your toilets. 2ml of this local enzyme sprayed directly into the toilet will remove smells and odors from your toilets. This will significantly improve your ablution area.

This enzyme is designed to breakdown uric acids for a fresh experience.

  • Flushfree 500ml - R 60 each
  • Water Saving Toilet Combo - R 240 (Consists of 1x Flushfree & 6x Cistern Blocks)