Carpet Cleaning

Believe it or not carpets help to keep your home healthier. They filter the air and trap a lot of dirt which would otherwise be easily airborne. Regular use can have your carpets looking worn and tired.

Our products are environmentally friendly and non toxic, safe for carpets and for the kids and pets to roll around on afterwards.

Our experienced technicians will be respectful to your homes, assess your cleaning needs and execute the necessary deep cleaning process and products for your carpets. We use industrial cleaning machines to make our work easier on our technicians. Ergonomically designed, our machines will give you the best cleaning results through out your home.

1 Room 1 - 20m2 R 550*
2 Rooms 25m2 - 30m2 R 660*
3 Rooms 35m2 - 45m2 R 810*
4 Rooms 50m2 - 60m2 R 1010*
5 Rooms 60m2 - 70m2 R 1210*
*subject to size - Prices shown are Excluding VAT
Carpets Per m2 R 20*
Stairs Per step R 22*
Loose stitched carpet Per step R 20*
Carpet Protection Per m2 R 10*